Tone Zone

Tone Zone

Our Tone Zone Fitness Suite has over 40 stations of cardiovascular and resistance machines, as well as a free weights area.  Our highly trained instructors are available to provide advice and to help you achieve your goals. 

Join one of our memberships now to take full advantage of our Health Plus Programme and give us 30 days to change your life!  New members will be required to have their photographs taken for their membership card.

Included within the 40 stations are; Matrix treadmills, cross trainers, cycles and weight training equipment including new free weights and benches. 

For more information, please see the Gym Admissions Policy.

Gym Opening Hours

 Day  Opening Time
 Closing Time
 Additional/Alternative classes
 Monday  7:00am  10:00pm  3:30pm - 6pm Junior Gym
 Tuesday  7:00am  10:00pm  3:30pm - 6pm   Junior Gym
 Wednesday  7:00am  10:00pm  3:30pm - 6pm   Junior Gym
 Thursday  7:00am  10:00pm

 3:30pm - 6pm   Junior Gym

 Friday  7:00am  9:00pm  3:30pm - 6pm   Junior Gym
 Saturday  9:00am  6:00pm  10:30pm - 4pm Junior Gym
 Sunday  9:00am  9:00pm  10:30pm - 4pm Junior Gym